Synova Cantrell may be known for her fedora, but she wears many hats. Synova volunteers with the Missouri Missing organization by highlighting obscure cold cases on her true crime blog to help generate tips. She also runs the Murdered In Mississippi website where she posts her Mobster Monday’s posts highlighting stories about the Dixie Mafia. She firmly believes together we can give grieving families answers, hope, and support. Synova’s also the owner of Synova’s Simply Biz author coaching service.

As SWMO’s #1 True Crime Writer, Synova authored Unorganized Crime; a biography of the ex-gangster Sidney Heard of Chicago, IL. This thrilling tale of con games, bank robbery, and mayhem has recently been endorsed by a retired FBI agent. Her best-selling series, Seriously Stupid Criminals, is a fan favorite in both paperback and e-book formats. Her latest e-book, Grim Justice tells the story of a judge and his wife retired in Palm Beach, Florida in 1955. Snatched highlights the FBI’s Top 10 Art crimes around the world, and her second case files book, Shattered is filled with missing persons’ cases, unsolved homicides, and two serial killer cases.

Synova’s Simply Biz Author Coaching service was designed to help aspiring writers get started in the business and to empower struggling authors who are frustrated with their careers. If you are an entrepreneur in need of a lead generator book, check out Synova’s new author’s course today.

Each week Synova & her team of guestbloggers highlight an obscure cold case. Synova works directly with the victims’ families to give them a voice and to generate leads for law enforcement. The potential viewership currently sits at 500,000!

Help Synova’s team reach a million people with these cold cases. Together we can solve some of these cases.

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