Missing or Murdered? – The Madeline Edman Mystery

madeline edman

Madeline Edman, 15 – picture taken in  2005

Madeline Edman, 15 went missing from La Crosse, Wisconsin on July 29, 2005. Madeline and her mother were doing laundry at the local laundromat on the corner of St. James & Calendonia St. Madi decided to leave before her mother was finished and walked out the door. Her mother thought nothing of it but began to get worried when the teenager hadn’t returned home by that evening.  Kathy Edman filed a missing person’s report for her daughter, but no clues ever emerged.

Some reports say her grandmother thinks the teenager isn’t missing at all. She thinks the girl wanted to disappear. Due to her troubled childhood, and her mother’s arrests perhaps this is the case, but as a child, someone needs to care and look for her. It’s not like she’s an adult and made this decision. The local police agree with my point of view on this case. Her case is classed as a “possible endangered runaway,” but the police haven’t ruled out homicide, or human trafficking. The authorities have created an age progression photo hoping to generate leads. If Madi is still in the area of La Crosse, there hasn’t been official sightings to verify it.

I find it strange that a teenager can go missing and yet her own family assumes she ran away. If you travel down Calendonia street you will come across a Catholic church. Could this troubled teen have sought refuge there? Has any investigation gone in this angle? I don’t know, but I think it would be a good place to start. Maybe someone felt sorry for her and helped her disappear.

Two months after her daughter’s disappearance, Kathy Edman was arrested and charged with encouraging or contributing to the delinquency of a child, drug possession, and distribution to a child under 17.

In 2008, a body was recovered only 172 miles away from the laundromat that closely resembled the missing teen. It was later ruled out and Madeline Edman’s case remains unsolved.

Here is a brief description:

Missing Since: Jul 29, 2005
Missing From: La Crosse, WI
DOB: Apr 27, 1990
Age Now: 28
Sex: Female
Race: Biracial
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: One eye Brown – One eye Blue
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 100 lbs

If you have any information, please contact: WISCONSIN CLEARINGHOUSE FOR MISSING & EXPLOITED CHILDREN & ADULTS  1-800-THE-HOPE (1-800-843-4673)

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More info on this case:

Web Sleuths

News 8000

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

La Crosse Tribune 

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madeline edman

6 thoughts on “Missing or Murdered? – The Madeline Edman Mystery

  1. Thanks for the updates on these two missing young girls in Wisconsin. I was aware that they were missing, but the new details gives clues on why they may disappeared. Sarah’s stepfather is something else. It would be nice to know why he was a former policeman.


  2. This seem so odd to me. I never heard of this case before or seen anything on it until today when I was Curious about missing Or unsolved cases in Wisconsin. I came across this and there is so little information. Only one phot of her that I could find very little news coverage. Very Heartbreaking. You would think more could be done. Maybe it’s time to bring more Media Attention to this case. So very sad


  3. Thank you so much for choosing madeline edmans case to write about. Her father and I are so grateful for your compassion and hope we find her soon. Were never going to stop searching. My devotion to finding her has brought me to volunteer for the Wisconsin Missing Persons Advocacy Group. If we can bring home a single individual our mission is considered a success !


  4. I am a family member of Madeline Kelly Edman. I just read your article about her. Ive been looking for her since she left. Ive dedicated countless hours of online search to locating her. But some information you wrote about ive never heard. Where did you get these facts. What is your source


    1. I work on an 8-week waiting list for my blog. It’s been awhile since I wrote this story. I will have to go back and look. Send me your email address and I will forward all the information to you when I get the chance


      1. Hello,
        Thank you for reading my blog post about sweet Madeline Edman. All of my sources are online I will list them below.

        Click to access edman-madeline.pdf




        Click to access MadelineEdman.pdf



        I also found a few articles about her posted on Facebook and Google Earth provided me with the street view of where she was last seen. That gave me some basic geographic information.


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