Where Are All Wisconsin’s Women Going? Another Woman Missing 30 Years


Cheryl Spaeth-Duvall has been missing for approximately 30 years. I say approximately because no one seems to know exactly when she vanished. After not hearing from her for two months, her ex-husband calls in a missing person’s report. This isn’t odd on his part since she would go a month sometimes without calling. Why didn’t her live-in boyfriend call?

Cheryl was 38 years old when she went missing from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. She was reportedly living with her boyfriend John Neuser on a dairy farm out on South Parkview Rd. There is very little information to go on in this case, but in 2007 family members convinced the local police department to reopen Cheryl’s case.

Neuser continued to live on the dairy farm long after Cheryl’s disappearance and didn’t move until 2006. After the case was reopened the police searched both his previous and current properties for evidence in this case. They would not comment on what they found but hoped new advances in forensic science will solve this decades-old cold case.

Cheryl’s Stats:

  • Hair: Blond
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 5′ 2″
  • Weight: 100lbs.
  • previously broken foot
  • 13 sets of ribs instead of standard 12

The police have labeled the ex-boyfriend as a person of interest, but are quick to say that he is not currently a suspect and has not been charged. It has been reported that Neuser has hired an attorney and is not cooperating with police.

If you have any information concerning the case of Cheryl Spaeth-Duvall, please contact the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department at 920-683-4200.

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One thought on “Where Are All Wisconsin’s Women Going? Another Woman Missing 30 Years

  1. An unsolved, decades-old, Wisconsin case where she was 38 years old when she went missing, with hopes that advanced forensic science will help solve the case are the things that connect this to my own missing mom’s case. My mom, Dona Bayerl went missing from Muskego, Wisconsin and was last seen in May of 1979. It’s difficult reading any missing person’s case and not find some sort of similarities… even if the similarity is the pain and feelings of ambiguous loss that the families share. I pray that all these cases get solved so that families and friends can get some sort of resolution. Thank you for covering a Cheryl’s case!


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