Missouri Missing – Ozark’s Couple Vanish Amid Tornadic Weather

Photos courtesy of Missouri State Hwy Patrol  


As tornados ravaged the Missouri Ozarks’ region a couple was going about their lives never sensing the dangers ahead. Within a few days, they would vanish without a trace. Their official date of disappearance is even disputed. What happened to this couple from Ozark, Missouri?


Kenneth Stephen Webb, 29 and Quincey Jeanne Hill, 23 have been missing for nearly a month. No one is quite sure when they were last seen. Although the Missouri State Hwy Patrol website claims they disappeared on April 27th, April Jones, Stephen’s mother, claims to have taken Quincey to town. She saw her son in person when they returned home later that day. Quincey’s mother, Ashley, remembers speaking to her daughter on the morning of May 1st. To complicate matters further, there has been a claim that a friend may have received a message through Facebook Messenger on May 2nd. This has not been verified. During this window, several storms tore through the Ozarks, leaving devastation in their wake.

The pair were last seen in the vicinity of the Hilltop Vista trailer park in Ozark, MO. They don’t have a car although Quincey was going to get one in a few days from her mother. Neither one of them had a working cell phone, and Quincey requires glasses to see. It is unclear if anything was missing from the house and no one has reported seeing the couple since the possible message on May 2nd.

Quincey Hill is a natural red-head with bleached blond hair, she stands 5’6″ tall and weighs approximately 110lbs. She has a tattoo on the outside of her lower right arm running down from the elbow to the wrist. It says, “Fu#@ UP.”

If you have any information about this case, or if you have seen the pair, please contact Officer Blankenship with the Missouri Hwy Patrol (573) 757-3313, Sgt. Lewis with the Ozark Police Dept (417) 581-6600, or dial 911.

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