Missouri Missing – Missing Grandmother Betty Alexander

Photo courtesy of the Bring Betty Home Facebook Page

She was a loving grandma living out her twilight years peacefully tending her garden and making crafts. She wasn’t involved in any risky habits or lifestyles, so how did she vanish from her home in Sullivan, MO. Two months have passed since anyone has seen Betty Alexander, and still the family has no answers.

Betty Alexander, 69 was last seen on April 10th, 2019 at her apartment in Sullivan, Missouri. The Sinks Pharmacy delivery driver saw the grandmother on Wednesday, but by the next day, she was gone. By Thursday, she had missed her physical therapy and her Meals on Wheels delivery service. Where was Betty? She wasn’t the type to go off on walks alone, and although she was diagnosed with dementia, she was in the very early stages, and with her medicine, she functioned normally.

Friday, April 12th the Meals on Wheels delivery driver found the woman wasn’t home, but her door was unlocked. The delivery driver left her food on the table and left the apartment leaving the door unlocked. Perhaps Betty had stepped out and would return shortly. Unfortunately, this wasn’t true, and the food would sit on that table until Sunday when Betty’s daughter, Tonya arrived to take her mother on a  pre-planned shopping trip.

Tonya knocked on the door, but no one came. She tried the door, and it was locked, so the concerned woman used her key to unlock the door. Perhaps her mother had fallen. Tonya checked the apartment, but Betty was nowhere to be found. Strangely her glasses were left behind. This worried Tonya. She knew her mother wouldn’t even walk out to the mailbox without them. Where could Betty be? She doesn’t drive and isn’t known ever to leave the apartment complex alone. To make matters worse, Betty never got the hang of how to use a cell phone and didn’t have one.

The police were notified and began searching for the missing grandmother right away. Several different dog teams were brought in over the next few days, but nothing was found. Strangely, Betty’s purse and apartment keys were found in the closet. Although nothing looked out of place in the apartment, some family members noticed some medication missing. Could this poor woman have been targeted for her prescriptions? If so, why were other medications left behind?

It appeared Betty had taken her medication at 7 pm on Wednesday, but her morning medications were still there. It seems the window in question spans from 7 pm on Wednesday, April 10th, and the morning of Thursday, April 11th. Also, it’s strange that Meals on Wheels found the door unlocked on Friday, but the door was locked by the time Tonya arrived on Sunday. Who was in that apartment between Friday and Sunday?

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Sullivan Police Department (573) 468-8001.

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