Jersey Girl Vanishes Without A Trace – The Patricia Jane Wagner Story

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She goes out for coffee with a long-time friend and never returns, and strangely, he doesn’t either. Investigators believe he met with foul play as well. What happened to Patricia Wagner and her unnamed friend?

Patricia Jane Wagner, 26 was last seen going out for coffee with a g named Dennis. Neither would return. Investigators believe they met with foul play, but very little information is available on this case. I have spoken with family members, browsed through hundreds of Jane Doe files, and scoured newspaper archives and I still came up with nothing. It’s as if this woman disappeared from the human record. If it weren’t for her family, this poor woman would have been long forgotten.

October 20, 1972, was the last time Patricia was seen leaving her home on Rutgers Avenue in Jersey City. The address of her destination is unknown. There are so many unanswered questions in this case, but we believe someone knows what happened to this beautiful young woman. Although I am not at liberty to release his last name, Dennis was never seen again either.

Patricia is 5′ 3″ tall, weighs approximately 120lbs, has brown hair, and has blue eyes. No one is sure about the clothes she was wearing at the time.

According to the NJSP website, New Jersey has 237 unidentified persons listed on their database, and after reading every one of them, I found two possibilities. The first one is less likely, but I will start with it.

On May 16, 1986, a skull was found only eight miles from Jersey City in North Bergen. The estimated death was 1985 or earlier, and the estimated birthdate is from 1937-1956. The NIC# is U212789648 and Case # J5241. Unfortunately, that’s all the information on that one. The date of death makes me unsure, but the location and the estimated birth year are close enough to warrant further investigation. Patricia’s birthdate was July 17, 1946, so it definitely falls within the same timeframe.

The second Jane Doe I found was a little more promising. She was found on May 17, 1974, in the river near the north tip of the Burlington Island. The island is a 300-acre spot of land in the Delaware River between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The estimated height, death, and age all line up close to that of Patrica Wagner. In fact, they line up so well I sent an email to the investigator to check out Patty’s case. Patricia’s cousin is waiting on the DNA to come back, and then we’ll know for sure. Sadly, there’s no word on Dennis, and he doesn’t seem to have a NAMUS page. If he does, I couldn’t find it. His family has their own investigators on the case and asked that I not disclose his details. The police do not believe he was involved in the disappearance of Patricia.

What happened to this woman? Her sons were raised without their mother, and her parents went to their graves, not knowing what happened to Patty. One armchair sleuth commented on Facebook and mentioned the convicted killer, Robert Zarinski. He was a known killer in the area and could have up to ten murders to his name. He was sentenced to life in prison in 1975 for the murder of Rosemary Calandriello and was suspected in several other homicides. Could Patty have met this predator along the way? If so, where is Dennis? Did something else happen to them?

If you have any information on this case, please contact the New Jersey State Police at 609-882-2000.

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3 thoughts on “Jersey Girl Vanishes Without A Trace – The Patricia Jane Wagner Story

  1. Why can’t the denis guys info be released why is there 2 seperate investigations when they disappeared together. And they were seeing together. Seems really fishy.


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