The Strange Disappearance of Laynee Westbrook and Precious

She walked out of her motel room with her little dog precious, was seen at a nearby gas station, and then went to a local Campground with an acquaintance. Laynee nor her dog were ever seen again.

 Laynee Westbrook, is a 41-year-old woman from Anacortes, Washington. She was currently staying at the San Juan Motel on 6th Avenue. Laynee had no children, but she had a rat terrier named Precious that she carried around with her everywhere she went. Just after 7 p.m on September 10th, she was seen on surveillance leaving the motel and getting into a white Dodge Ram. She was seen again at 7:30 at the Swinomish Chevron gas station a mere eight miles away. That was the last time her debit card or her cell phone were used.

 Police have identified the man she was last seen with. He has been questioned, and this is the story he gave. Other than the surveillance camera footage, we have no way to verify this with the information that has been given to the public. To make things simple, I’m going to call this man Mr. J.

 Mr. J picked up Laynee at the San Juan Motel, and then they drove to the gas station in front of the Swinomish Casino. There Laynee picked up some grocery items, and then they traveled further south to the Thousand Trails Campground where Mr. J had an RV. There they had drinks and dinner but around 2 a.m. Laynee decided she was ready to go home. Mr. J then states he took her back to Anacortes. He did not, however, drop her off at her motel door. He dropped her off at the Causland Memorial Park on North Avenue, approximately two blocks from her motel. 

What happened to Laynee and Precious on September 10th? 

Anacortes is a town in Washington located on Fidalgo Island. The city hosts less than 18,000 people, with only a handful of officers maintaining law and order. On the evening in question, several disturbance calls were made to the local park ranger from the Thousand Trails campground. The ranger later verified that he receives 20 to 30 calls a night from that Campground. He did go by the RV where Laynee was supposedly staying, but everything was calm, and he did not go in.

So what happened to Laynee and her dog? In a small community like Anacortes, the conspiracy theories run wild, but it is essential to remember that the facts need to lead the investigation. You cannot let the rumor mill or emotions lead the investigation.

 Laynee Westbrook was last seen wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and white sandals. She is 5 foot 9 in tall, has big hazel eyes, and weighs approximately 120 lb. If you have any information about Laynee or her dog, please contact the Anacortes tip line. If you are uncomfortable with leaving your name, they will accept your tip anonymously. Please remember any information you have may seem irrelevant in itself, but it may be the final piece to the puzzle.

Please call (360) 299-1985

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